How do you read an orchid tag?

What does NN mean in orchids?

The way the ‘NN’ is used here, it is a clonal name. In a typical orchid name, be it a species or hybrid, the first part, the genus, is capitalized. ie Cattleya or Miltonia, or Rhyncholaelia.

What is orchid identifier?

To identify orchids, you should know the basic anatomy of the plant. The shape and color of the flowers, stems and leaves help you decide what species you have. Wild orchids are also recognizable by their natural habitats, shapes, colors, and numbers of leaves, spikes, and flowers.

How are orchid hybrids named?

Hybrids of hybrids are usually given a new name, often based on the name of a person. Finally, if the orchid cultivar has gained an award by an orchid society then this can be indicated at the end of the name, e.g. AD/AOS for Award of Distinction.

What is a primary hybrid orchid?

A primary hybrid is simply a cross between two species parents. Species are subdivisions within a genus of similar orchids that are reproductively isolated from their closest relatives. … Mahler is a hybrid from the plant tag because the first letter of her name is capitalized.

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How do I identify a phalaenopsis orchid?

Phalaenopsis are the most common orchids in the marketplace and are commonly known as “moth orchids.” They usually have wide, flat, dark leaves that are arranged opposite each other. They carry long tall stems of wide flat flowers that can last up to three or more months.

Are phalaenopsis orchids epiphytes?

Phalaenopsis are epiphytic plants. The roots on epiphytic orchids are covered with a spongy tissue called velamen. … Orchids require more air than terrestrial plants around their roots. Look at the velamen on the roots.

Can orchids cross pollinate?

But orchids typically have exclusive relationships with their pollinators. These are usually bees, wasps, and flies, but many orchids also utilize moths, butterflies, fungus gnats, or birds to cross-pollinate their flowers.

What does RLC stand for in orchids?

Rhyncholaeliocattleya, abbreviated Rlc. in the horticultural trade, is the orchid nothogenus for intergeneric hybrid greges containing at least one ancestor species from each of the two ancestral genera Rhyncholaelia Schltr. and Cattleya Lindl., and from no other genera.

Can you crossbreed orchids?

Producing hybrid flowers from orchids is both relatively easy and relatively difficult. The plants themselves readily cross with other orchid species and genera (in many cases), making it especially easy to come up with wonderful new combinations.

How do you take care of a dendrobium orchid?

Dendrobiums need lots of light, but not direct sun. A lightly shaded south window is best. East or west facing windows are satisfactory if bright (avoid direct sun except at the beginning or end of the day). Dendrobiums can withstand hot weather if adequate ventilation and humidity are provided.

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What colors do Phalaenopsis orchids come in?

Abundant flower colors observed in Phalaenopsis orchids range from red-purple, purple, purple-violet, violet, and violet-blue.

What is Phalaenopsis hybrid?

Phalaenopsis /ˌfælɨˈnɒpsɪs/ Blume (1825), known as moth orchids, abbreviated Phal in the horticultural trade, is an orchid genus of approximately 60 species. Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchids in the trade, through the development of many artificial hybrids.