What flower gets Lisa Genshin impact?

The best flowers for Lisa in Genshin Impact is a Cecilia. You might be tempted to choose the Rose thanks to it being adorned on the witch’s hat, but the best flowers for Lisa in Genshin Impact is the Cecilia choice.

What flower does Lisa Genshin impact?

At first the only two options are “Mist Flower” and “Dandelion,” but talking to Donna will get her to say that Lisa’s favorite flower is the Cecelia. She’s also fond of roses. If you give her a rose during her story quests, she’ll tell you she was known as “Witch of Purple Rose” at one point.

What flowers Does Lisa Like?

Cecilia: Lisa loves Cecilias. She tells the player that the only way this choice would’ve been better is if they chose for it themselves, before talking to Donna or Flora. The players can also opt directly for Cecilia before talking to Donna or Flora for a better outcome.

What souvenir Does Lisa Like?

Lisa is a Librarian, remember, so you’ll want to give her the gift of a Ragged Old Scroll, which she’ll enjoy the scholarly nature of. Next up is the Good Hunters Food stall. This store gives you the option of Steak, Smoked Chicken, Radish Veggie Soup or Satisfying Salad.

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What should I pick for Lisa?

What Gift To Choose For Lisa In Genshin Impact

  • If You Choose Bloomers. She says she will use them as Pajamas and sighs. …
  • If You Choose Ragged Old Scroll. …
  • If You Choose Voodoo Doll. …
  • If You Choose Rusty Sword. …
  • If You Choose Steak. …
  • If You Choose Smoked Chicken. …
  • If You Choose Radish Veggie Soup. …
  • If You Choose Satisfying Salad.

Can you date Lisa in Genshin impact?

It doesn’t matter what you give Lisa. No matter what items you choose, it’s going to end the same way. Spit in her salad, even. There’s no secret romance to be had here—with the Troublesome Work quest, developer MiHoYo is just leading you on.

What dish did Lisa Genshin impact?

Just like before, you’ll need to choose a dish that Lisa likes. You can speak to Lisa to get some more information, but the best option is the Radish Veggie Soup.

What is Lisa’s favorite song?

Some are even favorite releases of BLACKPINK. During a 2018 interview with YG Dreamers, the BLACKPINK members were asked about their favorite songs from their debut album. Jisoo chose “See U Later,” while Rosé chose “Really.” Lisa said her favorite Square Up track is “Forever Young.”

Does Lisa Like the traveler?

Lisa seems to be fond of the Traveler, and sometimes acts flirtatious as she typically refers to the Traveler as “cutie” or “darling”, and she admits they’re special to her. She loves tea and thinks that afternoon tea is the most important part of her day.

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Where are Cecilia flowers in Genshin impact?

Cecilia flowers can be found on the highest points of the Starsnatch Cliff. The area is rather far from the Teleport Waypoint, so it’s a good idea to explore the surrounding areas as well if you haven’t already. The Cecilia flower respawns within 2~3 days.

How tall is Lisa from Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact characters’ ages, heights, and birthdays

Characters Ages Heights
Kokomi 17/18 5’3″ / 161 cm
Lisa 26/28 5’11” / 180.3cm
Mona 19 5’5″ / 165.1cm
Ningguang 25 5’11” / 180.3cm

Where can I find mist flower Corolla?

Mist Flower Corolla can be obtained on the beaches west of the Dawn Winery. There’s also another location further southwest where you can get this item.