What is Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom tone up cream?

A hydrating tone up cream infused with Jeju Cherry Blossom to help boost radiance and naturally derived Betaine to soothe dryness for skin that looks visibly bright and glows with hydration. Jeju Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract and niacinamide helps boost skin radiance. Infused with Betaine to retain skin hydration.

What does Innisfree tone up cream do?

This lightweight tone-up cream naturally brightens your face without whitening or looking cakey. … [Directions] Apply cream on the face and neck as the last step of skincare routine. Let it absorb and apply a thin layer for a brighter, added tone-up effect.

What is Innisfree Cherry Blossom tone up cream?

Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream 50ml. A lightweight cream formulated with Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extracts and naturally-derived Betaine which leaves you with a natural, glowing finish after application.

Can I use Innisfree Cherry Blossom tone up cream at night?

Well, the tone up cream contains a powder that provides the immediate toning effect and since it is a makeup/sunscreen ingredient it is recommended for you to apply in the morning and it needs to be cleansed at night before going to sleep as it has Titanium Dioxide in it – it can BLOCK PORES if not cleansed at night.

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How do you use Jeju tone up cream?


  1. Apply cream on the face and neck evenly as the last step of skincare routine.
  2. Or mix with foundation and apply for dewy skin with radiant.
  3. A light cleansing is needed after use. It is recommended to apply in the morning.

Is it OK to use tone up cream at night?

Some brands show on their product page, it can be used as a night cream – formulated with safe ingredients as well as it has functional skincare benefit such as whitening & anti-wrinkle. The key ingredients in the tone-up cream are ‘Titanium Dioxide’ and ‘Zinc Oxide’, which are frequently see in physical sunscreens.

Should I use tone up cream everyday?

Good for daily use without makeup. The tone-up cream not only provide moisture but it also offers good UV coverage for my skin in front of the laptop.

When should I use tone up cream?

Tone Up products are usually applied at the end of your skincare routine and right before applying foundation. The creams are usually white and moisturizing enough to use in place of moisturizer, while the primers often offer color-correction that can be worn alone or under makeup.

Does Innisfree tone up cream have SPF?

[How to use] At the cream step, take an appropriate amount, gently apply on face and neck and let skin absorb. *Need light cleansing before going to bed, as this product contains SPF protection. Caution: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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Is tone up cream A makeup?

A lightweight makeup base that preps your skin for other products by evening out your complexion and balancing your skin’s oil production and hydration levels. It contains nourishing extracts to leave your complexion radiant and healthy.

Is Innisfree Jeju cherry blossom jelly cream a moisturizer?

It is very moisturizing and I don’t feel sticky and greasy when I apply it. It also brighten my skin. definitely recommend to oily skin people very hydrating as well.

Is Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom good for oily skin?

This toner is super hydrating but not too heavy for my oily skin. I’ve been using it during summer and it’s kept my skin moist and clear. After a few weeks I noticed that it also brightened my skin tone and reduced redness. I like to swipe it on with a cotton pad and later pat some more product on with my palms.

How do you use an Innisfree cherry blossom?

[Directions] Apply over face and neck after skin, then gently pat for better absorption. [Directions] Apply onto face and neck after lotion, then gently pat for better absorption. [Directions] Apply onto face and neck after lotion, then gently pat for better absorption. [Caution] (1) For external use only.