Your question: Why does the child want to be a candle moth blossom?

Answer: The child’s wishes are: He wishes to become candlelight so that he can banish the darkness of the world. He wants to beautify his motherland like the flowers beautify the garden.

Why does the child want to be a blossom?

C) The child wants to be a blossom so that his land be decorative just like the blossoms decorate the garden of flowers.

Why did the child want to be like a candle?

Answer: The child wants to be like a candle so that he could end the darkness of the world.

What is child’s mission?

The child longs to become a missionary. He implores God that he may serve poor people and the destitute and it might become the principal mission of his life. He equally needs to be thoughtful towards the weak and those in torment. In the last line, the child prays God to protect him from all snares of evil.

Why does the child want to be a hawker?

The child in the poem wants to be a hawker, a gardener and a watchman at different times. The child wants to be a hawker because he likes that the hawker he wants to spend ‘his day on the road’ and is not in any hurry.

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Why did the flowers stop their songs?

The sun said, “I will help you also, for nothing pleases me better than to see the children running about in the golden sunshine.” Suddenly, the children came out laughing and singing, and the flowers stopped their songs to listen to them.

Why was the magic garden quiet that night?

“ “ It was indeed a magic garden because it had fairies too. … The magic garden was quiet that night. The flowers and birds were asleep and dreaming of the next day when the children would come again.

What does a child wish answer?

What does the child wish to be? Answer: The child wishes to be a kite.

What does the phrase in our time in line 3 refer to?

Answer:The phrase ‘in our time’ refers to the time when children become grown ups and take the responsibility to serve their motherland. this is your answer.

What Save the Children done?

Save the Children helped more than 2.6 million flood-affected people with emergency medical care, as well as food, shelter materials and other basic necessities. Save the Children delivered community-based health care to more than 6.6 million newborns and 7.3 million children under age 5.

What are Save the Children key projects?

THROUGH OUR PROGRAMMING, EMERGENCY RESPONSES AND ADVOCACY, WE PUT THE MOST VULNERABLE CHILDREN FIRST. Save the Children’s work saves and improves children’s lives around the world. We work to ensure children have healthcare, food and shelter, as well as learning and child protection services when children need it most.

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Why do kids become watchmen?

Answer: the child wishes to became a hawker so that he may go about freely. He want to be a gardener so that nobody would scold him for spoiling his clothes. he finally want to be watchman so as to walk freely in the street .

Why do children want to be gardeners?

The child wanted to become a gardener so that he could dig the ground and nobody could stop him.

Why did the child want to be a hawker Class 6?

He soils his clothes with dust. Nobody scolds him if he gets baked in the sun or gets wet. Therefore, if the little child was a gardener, nobody would stop him from digging. … Therefore, he wants to be a hawker, a gardener, and a watchman so that he could do all the things they did as he could not do them being a child.